Friday, June 28, 2013

...And our next 1:56 model

While still waiting for our 1:56 Hispano Suiza armoured car boxes and decals to be printed, perhaps you would like to learn what is in the pipeline next at this scale. In previous posts you've already been acknowledged of what to expect next from Minairons in other scales, but those fond of 28mm gaming have a right to know too what is coming now in their preferred scale.

Well, let me introduce it to you, then. It's the German Henschel type 33 medium truck, used by the SCW Nationalist side:

28GEV015 front
28GEV015 side
28GEV015 view
Perhaps worth to explain too that our pipeline forecasts have just been accordingly updated. Please check it here, if curious. Some surprises else to follow soon.


Phil said...

Very nice model!

Alex Mayer said...

Looks very interesting - for scw and for others pulp-games!