Friday, May 3, 2013

So what's next, right now?

After the huge financial effort due for releasing up to three new models in so a short period of time around Saint George's Day (1:100 Panzer IA, 1:72 Pz.Befehlswagen IB and 1:72 T-26 tank), we should better stop for a while and breath...

...but we won't, though. As our firm slowly grows and earns a reputation of its own, we've committed ourselves to keep a pace that maybe some would judge a bit slow, but otherwise is willingly a steady one –as regular and firm as we can.

What will be first, then?

MC36 Accordingly to our previous commitments, there's no way out: it's turn for our first 1/56 scale model: the stylish (and somewhat pulp-ish) Hispano Suiza MC-36 armoured truck. Masters' first pictures to follow next week, hopefully.

And what's on the workbench right now?

15GEV005 Hard to answer in few words –but we'll try: our T-26 tank has already been re-scaled into 1/100 . It will be our next model in plastic, for sure.

Along with it, we've started to design a new model, to be released in resin at 1/72 scale first. Please allow us to still keep some secrecy around this new AFV id. For the moment, we can just say it will be a vehicle never before produced in any scale or material. Oh, and it will include a couple of surprise accessories –for if the model itself wasn't a surprise enough...

FT-17 Oh, some other designs have also been started, naturally: who wouldn't give a chance to good old Renault FT-17, for instance? Following our philosophy of allowing several assembly options for every model, we shall include Berliet and Renault turrets in sprue, as well as the command casemate version. Also, such is the case of another model we've been often asked for: BA-6 armoured truck, of course. We're still studying design as to give the model several assembling options –that might go either around the alternative BT-2 turret some BA-6 were fitted, or to allowing it to be built as an early BA-I.

Additional 1/56 models, when?

Soon, pretty soon... Some patience is still needed. Once the above commented Hispano Suiza is released, we shall see. Apologies for that much caution, but finance is a risky business nowadays...

Any other plans?

Oh yessssssss, lots of these. Up to three new period ranges, for instance. A first design will be started soon regarding one of these. Some talking has just begun on a second one, and (last but not least) a third project is currently being pondered –what about some Lace Wars, for instance?


Anonymous said...

A constructive comment, if I may:

While I wholeheartly welcome your initiatives for new models, I would hate seeing you limiting your profit chances by doing kits that are already on the market. I am referring to the Renault 17 (done in 1/72 by HaT as a quickbuild kit and by RPM as an over-engineered display model) and the 1/72 BA6 (done in excellent quality by Pegasus).

I'd much prefer a Lancia kit. Or a FAI kit which can be found by Ace in 1/72 but not easily.

Soldadets said...

As many comments as you will, if they're to help us to think twice every new significant step :)

- As for the Renault FT-17: true, we had the HäT's brilliant kit in mind. This is why we're dealing with releasing it in 1/100 first.

This should allow us some room for pondering whether can or not give a significant added value to a 1/72 design of our own. Such as multiple turret and weaponry options in one single sprue, for instance...

...or allowing some time for the HäT's FT-17 stocks to decrease enough. For, hadn't HäT ceased to produce that kit? Do you know?

- As for the BA-6: Pegasus Hobbies' own BA-6 is cleverly designed, too. However, there are a couple of factors to be taken into account:

A) Is that easy to find Pegasus Hobbies' kits in Europe? If not, we'd still enjoy some kind of expectations on a geographical basis...

B) Once again, the added value factor. Let's suppose we find out the way to produce a kit than can be built as either a BA-3/6 or a BA-I, for instance. And/or including an optional BT-2 turret (some BA-6 were fitted that one). Wouldn't it be wise launching it anyway?

- Lancia IZ/IZM to be designed pretty soon. It's in the queue. Still pondering whether making it in plastic or resin, though --it's a matter of sales expectations, sadly: can we expect to sell them by the thousands, or just by the hundreds instead?

- FA-I car. Yes I know the ACE model. Not unsuitable for wargaming, because it had not too many parts, if I'm not wrong.

It would be nice to make it as a multi-option kit: either a Russian or a Spanish FA-I (for they were slightly different), but as a FA-I(M) too. Don't your believe?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Unfortunately I don't know whether the Renault is still in production. Please note the correct name for that tank is Renault FT (not, as I wrote, Renault 17, neither Renault FT 17); Wikipedia has it correct here:

I like your thinking about added value. This could include optional parts, crew figures, and decal options. You could also try and make parts other manufacturers are stuggling with, such as bike-type wheels with tiny spokes. All that would me most welcome.

Pegasus kits availability seems to depend on the model you are looking for. It appears some are sold out but it is hard to keep track of that.

About the Lancia, I am ar from saying there is a lack of WW" German vehicles, but if you include WW2 German decals you clearly will attract a bigger crowd. I think most WW1 or Allied collectors will not have problems with that as long as "their" decals are included as well.

I wish you the best of success.