Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mystery 1/72 model unveiled

Now that the thing is at an advanced enough state, let me acknowledge you what will be our next 1:72nd scale SCW model: this is to be no other than the Catalan made IGC Sadurní d'Anoia assault tank, carrier and tractor, a model ever before released in any material --either metal, resin or plastic--, except for a hobby shop in El Vendrell town that dared, a lot of years ago, to make it as a vacuform model.

Here below you can see what does its assault tank version look like:
IGC Sadurní Tank
IGC Sadurní Tank
In spite of some advanced features, as well as it high mechanic reliability, the assault tank version was never approved for production, due to its designers not having foreseen a rotating turret capable of carrying a heavier weaponry than the standard-designed front machine gun. However, both its carrier and artillery tractor versions were produced in some numbers and delivered to the Aragon Front, where the Republican lack of armour was dramatic. A number of them were still active at the start of the Ebro Battle.
IGC Sadurní Tank
IGC Sadurní, assault tank version

IGC Sadurní Carrier
IGC Sadurní, universal carrier version

IGC Sadurní Tractor
IGC Sadurní, artillery tractor version

The artillery tractor version will come with a 155mm Schneider gun and crew.


Anonymous said...

Super news!! Please consider selling the 155mm Schneider gun separately. This will be a massive success as that gun was used extensively in both World Wars as well.

Soldadets said...

I do take note of your suggestion ;)

To be honest, we had already thought of this. As a matter of fact, we're preparing a double set of white metal artillerymen for this new release: seated as to fit them on the universal carrier version, and standing in action ;)

David Manley said...

15mm too please :-)

Bluewillow said...

Nice Lluis,

A great looking piece, I am trying to resist doing SCW, you are not making it easy!


Anonymous said...

When will it be available to buy?

Soldadets said...

It should take a few weeks. Most likely in August, perhaps a little earlier.

Anonymous said...

Great! I'll wait for it, I really like this tank! Salut!