Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some eye candy

Rubén Torregrosa, who is the talented painter behind Heresy Brush painting service, has dropped on Wargames Spain forum some pictures of the three 1/72 Panzer I A prototypes he was commissioned for painting. These can be watched on the following thread:

Don't miss the opportunity to glance at his masterly work!

He performed an excellent work with them not only at painting, but at taking a complete set of pictures of the models too --either alone, by couples and all together; on a sky blue background as well as on some scenic artwork. Here you are another one such scenographic examples, displayed as a box-art test:

Pz I box-art test

Some of the several pictures he took will be used for box-art, others are to be used for promotion purposes --either by Heresy Brush or ourselves, and even some else will be shown inside already commissioned painting tutorial articles of wargaming magazines.

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