Thursday, August 2, 2012

Panzer I A decals sample

Some users have asked us whether our boxed sets will include a decals sheet for the models. The answer is "yes, they will". Each boxed set will have a small waterslide decals sheet with markings for each one of the tank versions. As for our 20mm Panzer I A, markings are to be those below:

Pz I decals

...OK, I'm anything but good at pictures taking! This is the sheet concept design:

Pz I decals

As you can see, the idea behind is to provide the user with a basic national markings sheet, suitable for building all the models in box as of the desired Nation --and still having a few left, for you'll have not less than 4 markings sets of the selected Army for the 3 models in box!


Milo Burgh said...

Muy buena idea incluir opciones para varios paises.

Dark_Jober said...

Oh! Si sacais el Pz I en 15mm tiene que traer los simbolos de la Legión!!!

Si los sacais quiero 4-5 xD

Soldadets said...

@Dark_Jober, como ya se ha dicho la intención es sacar las calcas básicas nacionales, sin entrar en detalle.

Más aún a escala 1/100, donde estamos hablando de un modelo que medirá 2cm de altura total.

A esta escala, el distintivo de la legión mediría apenas 2mm de altura, y quizás 1mm de ancho.