Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First poll closed

Minairons 1st poll Well, our first orientative poll is already closed, after 7 seven days open to users opinion. There weren't as many votes cast as to give us an unequivocal guide on trends, but they allow us to get a broad confirmation of our previous intuitions --with some latest hour surprise, as it will be seen.

A total of 37 votes have been cast, of which: - 17 asked for the PzKpfw I A in 1/100th scale,
- 14 would like to see a Republican AFV instead,
- 4 would prefer the PzKpfw I A in 1/56th scale, and
- 2 asked for another Nationalist AFV.

Worth to be noted that all the 4 votes for the 1/56 version have been lightning-like cast in one single afternoon, after having been announced the birth of our firm at Lead Adventure Forum. Most of the rest have been dropped along the week, likely coming from The Miniatures Page and Wargames Spain mainly.

So what, now?

As said, these are actually few votes --quite a logical response for a just born firm. However, thanks to them we cant now feel assured enough in our forthcoming planning, that is:

- First of all, let's schedule releasing of the 1/72 version of Panzer I A for mid-October.
- Next, the 1/100 version of Panzer I A will be released by Christmas. Its design is already under study by the mould maker.
- The ubiquitous T-26 has already been entrusted to our designer. Which scale to be produced first, yet to be decided.
- Our initial prejudice toward 1/56 range will be revised thoroughly (again, it's a matter of demand; mould making is so expensive than you have no other chance than refrain yourself until getting assured. Apologies for such an excess of caution).

BTW, some eye candy coming soon. Please spread the word and help our fans list grow!


nagash said...

Gran noticia que el próximo proyecto sea adaptarlo a 15mm, y mejor aun que los jugadores republicanos podamos disfrutar de "nuestro" primer vehículo.

Un saludo

Soldadets said...

El diseñador me ha prometido un primer "preview" para muy pronto ;)

Milo Burgh said...


He añadido un enlace a tu blog desde mi blog. Espero que sirva para que más gente entre aquí:


Anibal Invictus said...

Os acabo de descubrir a través del blog de Emilio. Muy interesante proyecto, os deseo la mayor de las suertes y ya podéis contar con un futuro cliente. Como no he podido votar antes voto ahora por la opción 2 (versión 1/56) pues yop coleccióno mayoritariamente la escala de 28mm

Soldadets said...

Se agradece el interés en difundir Minairons por la comunidad. Por nuestra parte, procuraremos responder a las expectativas en la medida de lo posible. ¡Gracias!