Saturday, February 24, 2024

A further Foreign Legion preview

A few months ago I shared with you our first steps on a projected new 20mm figure set for Spanish Civil War - the Spanish Foreign Legion, a first batch of which was already shown in this installment. Their sculpting is complete now with a second batch making up for a full 15-figure set in total. Here you have a preview on these new greens:

While the first batch consisted entirely of fusiliers and a couple of NCOs, this second batch comprises two MG-13 Dreyse LMGs along with their crews and a few fusiliers else, a couple of which are prone.

Worth to be pointed out that, after some thought, in the end we decided to spare the tripod mounted MMG and gunner for a later set; thus replacing these with another kneeling figure firing a bipod mounted LMG instead - as you can see below.

This new 15-figure set is scheduled for release at some point between mid April and early May. However, I'm pondering whether to put them on sale before, in a pre-order regime with a bonus discount reward for early supporters - so helping me finance skyrocketing production costs. If so, would you support such pre-sale?

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