Friday, February 26, 2021

Schneider 155/13 howitzer, retooled

Once again, we have spent some time retooling our 1/72 Schneider 155mm howitzer - in order to produce it in white metal from now on, rather than in resin as so far. Also, we've made the model kit slightly simpler and sturdier by casting gun barrel and its carriage jointly, as a single part.

Please note the different positions of gun barrel with regard to its carriage, depending on the kit involved - travelling position in the IGC Sadurní tractor boxed set, while ready for fire when a single gun pack.

Despite the change, prices remain the same.

(Spare resin gun barrels and carriages will be still available for some time at request - just drop us a line if so)


Richard Hubbard said...

A nicely designed piece! Easy for novices, but makes into a nice model. I don't know this gun, or anything about it, so is the tracked vehicle shown with it in the photo, the gun's vehicle-tow?

Soldadets said...

First designed during WWI for French service, this 155mm howitzer was standard ordnance in the Spanish army at the outbreak of SCW.

As for what towing vehicle was used for it, I've seen pictures of it being towed by a Landesa tractor, but horse teams can't be discarded either.

The Sadurní tractor in this set did certainly carry Schneider 105mm howitzers in Ebro battle - not too far from this one 155mm gun.