Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tokens suitable for Chain of Command

Minairons Miniatures is going to carry some else of the innovative products from Caliga Accesorios, who are already our plastic stands supplier. I'm pleased to show you a first range among those --a wide collection of tokens and markers auitable for Chain of Command (CoC) rule set.

Each set comprises 11 plastic tokens (6 x 50mm round, 4 x 25mm round and 1 x 20mm square) and a stickers sheet with markings for making 6 Patrol Markers, 4 Jump Off Points tokens and 1 Morale marker (all them two-sided).

Stickers are self-adhesive and conveniently pre-cut, so you only need to peel these off and apply them on each side of the corresponding plastic token. For durability, it is advisable to paint token edges the colour of your choice before applying the stickers. Not compulsory, but some varnishing afterwards would be a good idea too.

Those sets currently listed on Minairons website are SCW Republican and Nationalist, Italian and Abyssinian, Soviet, Finnish, German, Polish, British, French, American and Japanese only. In spite of this, virtually ANY other set of WWII Nation markers can be done (if not already existing). Just ask!

(The token sets here shown are just a likely accessory to Chain of Command (CoC) wargames rule set, created and owned by Too Fat Lardies. Such rule set is needed for playing CoC, and can be purchased at their website).

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