Monday, October 2, 2017

Minairons on Strike

After the massive, disproportionate, brutal agressions suffered yesterday by hundreds of thousands pacifical, non-violent Catalan citizens at hands of Spanish police and Civil Guard, under excuse of preventing a referendum poll to be performed, the country's main trade unions and social entities have convoked a ONE-DAY STRIKE for tomorrow --a strike subsceptible to become an INDEFINITE GENERAL STRIKE depending on the events to happen in the next few days.

Minairons Miniatures is going to shut doors down too, as a sign of repulse toward the exorbitant repression suffered by citizens regardless of their age or sex (in one case at least, particularly cruel aggressions due precisely to her sex and age). We are plainly unwilling to stand working as if nothing had happened. That of yesterday was enough.

Therefore, we shall stop all professional activity and cease processing orders, responding to customers, traders or suppliers or developing new projects. We honestly hope the strike isn't going to last more than a single day, but are determined to keep doors shut down if a strike elongation is decreed.

We humbly apologize for this to all our friends and beg their comprehension. It's a matter of dignity as citizens of a supposedly western civilized, democratic country that has unmasked itself.


Unknown said...

You and the people of Catalonia have my support lluis.
A government that uses violence against the people it claims to represent is a tyrant and has no legitimacy.
I hope everything gets resolved in a peaceful and dignified manor.

leobauman said...

As recent development shows, the Spanish State seems to be once more inspired by the mortiferous ideology that precipitated the country into Civil War then turned it into a lethal national-catholic dictatorship for 40 years ! It's very sad to see a country member of the European Union fall under the rule of the ghosts of totalitarianism. All my sympathy goes to the Catalan authorities that are the victims of the true heirs of Franco's "Spanish" centralism ! From Brussels, hoping that Euopean democrats will manifest their solidarity with the persecuted Catalan representatives !