Thursday, October 20, 2016

1:72 BT-5 Fast Tank released

We are happy to present you our latest addition to Minairons' ever growing 1/72 Spanish Civil War vehicles range: the BT-5 fast tank --another intermediate step in the tanks family started by J. Walter Christie's early designs and ending in the ultimate T-34 Soviet medium tank. Capable of a remarkable 72 km/h speed and reasonably well armed for its time, BT-5 was a potentially dangerous weapon. Up to 50 BTs were used by both sides in SCW latest stages (Ebro battle and Catalonia invasion, mainly).

As for model itself, it is quite easy to build as usual. It consists of just 6 main parts cast in resin, two of which are turret hatchets, while the seventh part is a finely shaped brass barrel. Kit is sold individually in box, along with a decals sheet --the same one already used for T-26 tanks.

Our 1/72 BT-5 Fast Tank retails at €12.95 and can already be ordered in our website, or alternatively requested from our retailers and distributors. Separate brass barrels will be available for purchase in the next few days too.

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