Sunday, July 17, 2016

New range ahoy!

Minairons Miniatures was brought to life by manufacturing figures, vehicles and accessories related to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), and this is the period and range we have been devoting our hardest efforts so far --at such at an extent that "Minairons" has likely become a synonym of "SCW stuff" to many hobbyists.

Ships However, our brand wasn't born to confine itself to one single range of miniatures only, but with the explicit aim to cover as much as possible all periods of Spanish Peninsula nations military history instead; so that we've decided to start a radically new range.

Every shot aimed to new targets always implies some risk of missing the shot, and such could be the case now. As sayings in most languages use to say though, for winning you must dare first, so here it goes our bid: we're going to start a range of 1/600 scale waterline ships of the Age of Sail, normally belonging to late 17th or early 18th centuries. Models will follow our usual trend of being CAD-designed for best detailing, accurately produced with quality materials and insultingly easy to build.

03NAV001 Following another of our dominant trends too, our upcoming models pretend to be compatible and complementary to those of other brands already producing age of sail ships, such as Peter Pig or Skytrex for instance.

We have already started design of a first model, the Manila Galleon --the huge 4-masted pride of the Spanish Pacific fleet. Other models in the pipeline are lateen-sailed xebecs, hybrid xebecs, WSS warships and galleys. We intensely hope this new range comes to please you!


Beaty said...

This may just get me to branch out into different types of models! Looking forward to more news about this! (Dare I ask if there will be British ships?) :)

Soldadets said...

Can't say yet, Stephen - I'd love the range to be so successful to compel me setting sails outside the Mediterranean ;)

Jorge Riazo said...

Molt bé! Eso me parece estupendo! Ya nos sobran las compañías que ofecren modelos de buques de guerra de la época napoleónica pero del siglo de oro no hay ninguna. Tengo mucha ilusión!

Soldadets said...

Se admiten sugerencias :D

anagnosto said...

With Zvezda project Invincible Armada stopped in its tracks is a best time to do this. Please get some real advice at modelist forums. There is hardly one accurate Spanish galleon in the out (Dusek), some near misses (Occre, Imai) and many completely invented ones (Revell, Constructo).

Rob said...

Please, please, please do a range of Anglo-Dutch ships!