Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Moroccan Regulars HQ & Weapons

20GEF020 box
We are glad to announce the release of a new boxed set within our ever expanding Spanish Civil War 20mm figures range. This time it's been the turn for Moroccan Regulars Command & Weapons, a set of 12 figures and 2 weapons models that come to complete our formerly launched Moroccan Regulars boxed set.
Sculpted as usual by Xan, a sample set has been masterly painted by José A. Bustamante. Please take a look on his superb work at the pictures below:
As with other command sets, box includes the textured paper flag of a Regulars Tabor (=Regiment) and is already available from our website at €15.95.


johnpreece said...

Lovely figures and very well painted.

I am interested that your painter has painted the machine gunners as native moroccans rather than Spanish.

I had read that in Africa the machine gunners were always Spanish. I wondered if this was the true or was maintained when in Spain?

I am looking forward to buying some for myself.


Soldadets said...

Oh, that's just the painter's choice. As you wrote, personnel of Regulars' machine guns companies (i.e. HMGs) were native Spaniards instead of Moroccans. They always wore fez as headgear, never turbans. And their trousers were like those of the metropolitan army instead of the wide legged north african native ones --albeit with the same coloured gaiters than Moroccan askaris.

Anonymous said...

Excellent looking figures, I have been waiting for them for quite some time!

There are 7 MG crew figures, 5 of them wearing turbans so I would be curious to know the idea behind that headgear. Regards, Pat