Tuesday, February 3, 2015

20mm Republican AT guns

20GEF004 box
I'm proud to show you the result of a collaborative work between us and The Plastic Soldier Company consisting of a hard-plastic & white metal combined set, that comprises two Soviet 45mm AT gun sprues along with their Spanish Republican crews.
20GEF004 sprue
The new set includes two of such sprues, so that a small 2-gun AT battery can be built from a single box.
20GEF004 guns
As for the accompanying figures, they consist of 6 crewmen and a leading officer, all them unique and different to each other. Figures have been superbly sculpted by Xan as usual.
painted 20GEF004
This is what this our new set looks like once painted and depicted by HeresyBrush. An enviable job indeed, don't you believe?
painted 20GEF004
This 20GEF004 - Republican AT guns set is already available from our website --and it's priced at € 15.95.


Anibal Invictus said...

Good addition to your model range
The guns and crews look excellent indeed

Miquel said...

Una vegada més Lluís, enhorabona.
Cada vegada et superes. Endavant!