Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Moroccan Regulares preview

We've already started working on a new set of Spanish Civil War 20mm figures. It's now time for one of the Nationalist side's most feared shock troops: the native Moroccan troops known as Regulares. Here below you can watch some sketches of the first one of two forecast sets devoted to this colonial corps:
As usual, this first set will comprise 13 askari riflemen and 2 NCOs --mostly dressed in a between seasons uniform, with varying headgear. All 15 figures will show a different, unique posture.
Sculpting work of this new set started some days ago and is progressing at a fast pace, so it allows us to expect having them ready quite soon.


Anonymous said...

Exciting news, I look forward to seeing the set progress.

Simon r.

Anonymous said...

Great! One suggestions for a pose, if I may: I take it the Regulares had a reputation for hand-to-hand combat, so one advancing rifleman could be replaced by a fellow with a knife. Regards, Pat

Soldadets said...

Glad to have hit the point, for a bayonet is what no. 12 is holding in his right hand :)