Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New SCW figures!

This below is the preview of 3 new sets of SCW 20mm figures we're going to release on Saturday 27th. A first batch of all them has already been cast, so they will be fully available right after Christmas. These new releases consist of 2 different field artillery crews --one for Nationalists and the other for Republicans, ideally-- and a set of Republican vehicle riders, those same included in the IGC Sadurní carrier kit, that will be now available separately.
The Nationalist artillerymen set you can see above consists of 4 figures, a small sprue with 3 heavy shells and 3 crossed rifles. Similarly, the Republican one comprises 4 figures too, with that same shells sprue and a rangefinder on tripod - as it can be seen below:
On the other side, the above commented Republican riders set includes the 4 seated soldiers below. All sets are to be priced at €4.95. Please remember, they'll become available on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, roll on Saturday !
Happy Christmas to Minairons, looking forward to seeing your range expand in 2015.
Simon r.

Soldadets said...

Enjoy a best Christmas day you too, Simon :)

Miquel said...

Cada vegada et superes, Lluís.
Enhorabona i bon Nadal