Thursday, November 6, 2014

1938 Grand Prix racing cars

Time for a new venture, I told to myself one day - and this below is the result, after being painted by HeresyBrush as usual:
Those you can see now are Mercedes Benz W154 (silver), Auto Union Typ D (blue) and Alfa Romeo c12/312 (red) 1938 Grand Prix racing cars, that have been manufactured at both 1:72 and 1:100 scales altogether. Those you can see here are their 1:72 versions, BTW.
These new civilian racing cars will be released all together in a single box (1 of each in the 1:72 version, and 2 of each in the 1:100 version), that will also include a decals sheet with numerals in white, black, blue and red, and also as many white metal drivers as cars in the box!

We expect to start releasing them on next January --if not before.

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