Thursday, October 16, 2014


We have just launched a new kind of accessory, hopefully complimentary to our developing range of SCW 1/72, or 20mm, figures. This consists of a several different sets of white metal small sprues, each one holding 3 separate heads in a particular headgear.
Our first released sets include male heads in either Adrian, Czech or Trubia helmets, and Pasamontaña caps. They're sold in single headgear 3-sprues bags --that is, 9 heads-- at the price of € 2.95 each.

A similar collection of female heads will follow next, while future developments will progressively include all those helmets/caps also used by our growing range of white metal figures.


Anonymous said...

Great idea!

simon r.

Anonymous said...

Very tempted by the Trubia (M26 I think?) helmets. I wonder if they go well size-wise with 1/72 plastic figures such as HaT etc?