Wednesday, November 14, 2012

15mm "Bilbao" Armoured Car first previews

This is one of the very first testing shots of our upcoming "Bilbao" Armoured Car in 1:100th scale, that have been cast for testing purposes as well as some artwork to be done on them by Rubén Torregrosa of Heresy Brush. Note below the scarce number of parts and the overall neat lines.

15mm Bilbao parts

Model is expected to enter production into the next two weeks, after some minor issues are ultimately fixed --such as the small holes that should attach the front wheels to their axles, for instance. Here below you can see a complete, 4-sided preview of the model:

15mm Bilbao left side
15mm Bilbao front
15mm Bilbao right side
15mm Bilbao rear

Another issue to take a decision about is the machine gun. As a first trial, we chose to oversize it with the aim of testing results. However, I sense it keeps being a better solution to provide for it a regular sized metal MG. Your thoughts?


colomense said...

beautiful item, congratulations.

cromojaro said...

Muy chulo, si señor

José Manuel Chasco said...

Excellent looking ones!!!
About the MG maybe better in metal, small resin parts are very delicate and easy to broke, with games in mind, metal could be the right option !!
This one will grow to the 1/72 ??
Cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Faltan remaches, más remaches! Los remaches son sexys!

wg said...

En las fotos quizás no se aprecia del todo, pero todos los paneles tienen remaches!! un modelo excelente, super detallado y muy logrado, enhorabuena!!

Trebian said...

Do the MG in metal, - resin too fragile.

Jiminho said...

Well done, Lluis, and good luck with the company.

Your first product looks like a winner.

Curt said...


Yes I agree, the gun should be in metal.

I look forward to the model being made available in 1:56th (hint, hint)