Saturday, October 31, 2015

Minairons Plans for 2016 (II)

As a second part to the 2016 plans review written some days ago, I'd like now to let you know those other plans regarding 1:72 scale. I must admit these are our most extensive and ambitious plans; and this shouldn't catch anyone by surprise, for it is 1:72 stuff what actually keeps Minairons standing and holding the line. So that we are going to expand our Spanish Civil War range even further in 2016 - this involving both new white metal troop types and high quality resin vehicles.

As for figures, we'll go first for the Foreign Legion - this implying not less than two boxed sets, and quite probably up to three: legionary infantry, command and PaK 36 AT teams. Such will take us the first four to five months of 2016, likely. Once the Legion is done, it will be time to choose between the two best positioned sets behind: either Assault Guards or Requetes - or whatever is adviced by our wishlist status. BTW, I'm saying nothing about Militiamen because this is an upcoming set to be released very soon, still within 2015:
Going now for SCW vehicles, we are working hard to release Trubia-Naval "Euzkadi" tank soon, as already explained in a recent thread, so this will likely be our first AFV release in 2016. Other SCW vehicle projects in portfolio for 2016 are CV-33 Carro Veloce tankette and its Lanciafiamme version, Lancia Ansaldo IZ/IZM armoured car, Fiat-SPA Dovunque 33/35 truck and BT-5 fast tank; except for the truck, all of them are currently at various design stages. I'd also like to take a decision regarding BA-3/6 armoured car - a decision that must compulsorily have into account the excellent model already produced by Pegasus, which is nevertheless little known in Europe.
As for other ranges, we shall keep dropping a few WWII and Interwar models amidst, such as a Landesa improvised tank, or a OT-130 flamethrower version of T-26 tank, for instance - but we don't expect these ranges to grow significantly yet, for SCW is to be prioritary still for a long time. One important exception to this rule is our range of 1938 Grand Prix racing cars, that will be expanded further during 2016 with new racers, a ruleset and probably racing circuits too. At present, the British ERA type B car is already being designed at both 1:72 and 1:100 altogether.
A possible new range we are still pondering is related to War of the Spanish Succession - although little can be explained about yet, for it is currently at a very preliminary stage. In any case, it's in our mind to produce some 20mm items complementary to the plastics 1/72 GNW range already launched by Zvezda. Logically, we would then focus on the Peninsular theatre of WSS, making those troop types not covered by Zvezda plastics --such as southern European grenadiers, Spanish and French dragoons, Catalan Mountain Fusiliers, mounted personalities and so. Nothing at regard can be considered as final, though --not even year 2016 as a start.


Unknown said...

The SCW stuff fits perfectly into my imagine-nation wars. great stuff

Anonymous said...

Always excited by the 1/72 news - I would still like to see planes :)

Another thing terribly absent are BUILDINGS! You need terrain that is absolutely missing in 1/72 and a line of this would be great. Affordable, urban and rural would be appreciated. See the Empress range - scale it down, and everything is ready to go. I am doing this in foam board and details. Maybe even casting it. Interested? :)

Also, I am highly intrigued by the race cars - I am a Steve McQueen fan, so anything that goes fast is ok by me.

Keep up the great work Lluis!

No Pasaran!

Soldadets said...

Buildings... Yes I do have it in mind - currently prospecting alternatives ;)

As for 1/72 scale planes... I examined such possibility long ago, but had to discard it. Impossible to make them at affordable prices, compared to those in market since long ago, that are made of hard plastic :(

It wouldn't be eccentrical to make one or two crashed airplane models, For scenery/objective purposes. What do you think about?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the lineup for the near future, thanks for sharing.

About the vehicles, it will be tough to compete with Pegasus (who do a BA-6 and a BT-7) and S Model (who do a cv33), all in styrene. Maybe you could do a cooperation just like you did with PSC - thinking of lanciafiamme or 20mm AT conversions of the cv33, I lack detail knowledge what would be needed to downgrade the BT-7 to BT-5. Looking forward to the Dovunque.

Hope the figures continue to sell well. They are really high quality products and deserve every success. Some more separate heads (isabellino, Guardia Civil hat) would be great.

Not too sure about the WSS plan though. Zvezda has stopped producing "big" sets, and would your really launch a new series depending on another manufacturer? That said, I am sure there is a market for WSS figures. Keep up the good work! Pat