Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Free shipping Offer

Nadal 2015 It's Christmas in Minairons battlefields too!

So as to celebrate it, we're offering free shipping worldwide to all orders for an amount of 100 € and above, from now until midnight 31st December (UTC+1).

Offer applies to all items currently in stock at Minairons webstore, whatever the scale, either from our own and from other brands such as Plastic Soldier Co, Zvezda, Peter Pig, Caliga and so. No exceptions there! Besides, it is cumulative with the already running 25% off sale until end of stock on all S-Model kits.

Let's take advantage from this offer and give yourself a nice Christmas present!

Monday, December 7, 2015

1st "Ai Carmela!" SCW tournament

Last month, the town of Les Borges Blanques in western Catalonia hosted the 4th edition of its promising Modelism and Wargames Fair. We at Minairons Miniatures not only attended to it, but eagerly co-operated with FOWTarna club to organize a wargaming event therein, that was christened as 1st "Ai Carmela!" SCW tournament. The picture below shows the participants chatting with the Mayor of Les Borges Blanques and a representative of the Government of Catalonia (=Generalitat), who took an interest in being explained the core concept of wargaming.
IV Fair
Despite its name suggesting a competition, the event itself wasn't conceived as a true tournament with a competitive setup or a final ranking. Instead, we preferred to use it as an introductory to Spanish Civil War wargaming, with the aim to attract potential gamers to this particular setting. So tournament was organized around two different kinds of scenario, with a separate army list for each contender as normal, but also a common reserve pool including air support, long range artillery or armoured reserves that had to be dealt and shared among player belonging to the same side.
Air support
To some extent, this 1st "Ai Carmela!" tournament had much of an experiment. We weren't prone to waste the time of our gamers to learn an entirely new ruleset, but to allow them to happily throw themselves into gaming with little previous explanations. Due to such practical reasons, we chose for this edition to be run using Spain in Flames supplement of Flames of War, a ruleset widely known among Catalan and Spanish gamers. We don't discard to use a different ruleset in further editions but there will be no changes to the gaming scale chosen, though. It will keep being 1/72 (=20mm). Quite logical, isn't it?
Tank assault
Tournament incorporated some funny optional and home brewed rules, such as one regarding the use of paramedics, or the rather unpredictable behaviour of some of the FoW objectives on table. Besides, we tried to enhance the event look using abundant scenery items, and complemented the ensemble with an exhibition table plentiful of painted stuff --from either Minairons and other makes.
Exhibition table
We'd like to thank the kindness and proactivity of Les Borges Blanques IV Modelism and Wargames Fair team, as well as FOWTarna crew for their commitment to this experimental tournament success. Next year we'll be there again, for sure!

If willing to watch a complete slide show on the event, please use this link.

Friday, December 4, 2015

1/72 S-Model kits 25% off Sale

As perhaps some of you already know, S-Model is making high quality fast assembly model kits at 1/72 scale --ideal for your WWII or Interwar settings. We are offering now 25% off discounted prices in all our stock of S-Model hard plastic kits --until end of stock. Take advantage from this sale at Minairons website before it's too late!