Friday, January 22, 2021

Resuming SCW figure range

True, after a longer than desirable interlude, this new year we're going to resume creation of more Spanish Civil War figure sets in 20mm. What we're going to release first is the set of Moroccan artillery crewmen whose greens can be watched in this post.

This new set is ideally intended for crewing AT or infantry guns - the kind of artillery Moroccan troops enjoyed. As a sample of what they can look like in action, here below you have them manning a Zvezda plastic PaK-36 AT gun.

I cannot venture a deadline for their release yet, although it's my aim to do it before Spring.

Hope you like them!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Age of Sail early frigate

Our first release for 2021 is a new 1/600 scale Age of Sail model ship - that of an early frigate dating back to the second half of 17th century.

Model itself consists of a resin hull and nine white metal parts for masts and sails, as it can be seen in the picture above.

The whole kit comes in a box that includes a set of 1640-1653 Catalonian Secession War ensign and flags, and can already be obtained at Minairons website.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

'Miquelets' painted sample - and short guide!

I've taken advantage of these relatevely calm days, at the end of year, for painting a sample of the recently released Austo-catalan Mountain fusiliers, whose pictures might be of interest of some among you. They've been painted accordingly to Archduke Charles' regulations, as described by F. Castellví, who was a contemporary Catalan military chronicler exiled to Vienna after the war.

Following Castellví's descriptions, the standard uniform for Mountain fusiliers was a brown or musk coat with regimental facings, a red waistcoat, blue wide-legged trousers and a particular kind of gaiters called calcilles, made of leather or some tough fabric. It was usual for them to wear a strong, light-weight footwear made with braided esparto fibers, known as espardenyes (sp. abarcas).

Figures from this set have been painted following such pattern, as if belonging to Ebro Riverside Regiment, whose facings were red. However, it wasn't that unusual for some regiments to use blue instead of brown coats, and other variations are known too. As for 'miquelets' in French service, the uniform pattern I've most often seen includes blue coats with red facings, red waistcoats and blue trousers; hat laces would be white rather than yellow. Spain only created regular 'miquelet' regiments later in 18th century - and these used that very same colour schema too, albeit with red hat laces.

Horn blowers (or should I better say "sea shell blowers"...?) are known to wear a blue feather on their hat. Officers were expected to dress right as their men, and possibly most did so; although it is known for at least one to have dressed a red coat - a colour that regulations reserved in theory to generals only.

Following Vallejo's catalogue, base colours used in this particular job are: 70.985 Hull Red + a drop of 70.951 White for coats, 70.908 Carmine Red for waistcoats, 70.903 Intermediate Blue for trousers, 70.819 Iraqui Sand for gaiters, 70.950 Black for hats, 70.953 Flat Yellow for hat laces and 70.818 Red Leather for beltings. Otherwise, the officer wears red coat, royal blue trousers and white stockings.

As for what is known to-day, variations on the above described pattern were as follows: Guardian Angel, or Manuel Moliner's, Regiment: yellow facings, red trousers; St. Raymond of Penyafort, or Ermengol Amill's, Regiment: blue coat, yellow facings, red trousers; St. Vincent Ferrer, or Joan Vila's, Regiment: blue coat, red facings; Jaume Molins' Regiment: blue coat, red facings, off-white waistcoat and trousers, white gaiters; Segimon Torres' Regiment: unknown; Antoni Muñoz's Regiment: facings possibly yellow, rest undetermined; Joseph Marco's Companies, red facings perhaps red, rest undetermined.

Less can be asserted about irregular 'miquelet' units; for instance, the so-called Aragon Volunteers Regiment was reportedly dressed in blue coats, with also blue or white waistcoats and trousers (no facings known); General Moragues' and Colonel Llirós' guerrilla troopers didn't seemingly wear any uniform at all, although some iconic votive offerings preserved at the Seu d'Urgell town's Diocese Museum do show some dressed in musk or red coats, red or light brown waistcoats, and brown or musk trousers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

BT-5 tank, retooled

It's not always all about creating and releasing brand new models. Sometimes, one must also seat, listen and think or even rethink one's stuff; and, as a result of such process, to spend some time, effort and money to redo some parts in order to improve already released model kits.

Such has been the case now of our 20GEV012 BT-5 Fast Tank, whose tracks had been made of resin so far. I'm happy to let you know that these parts are going to be white metal cast from right now on. Retooled kit is already fully available now.

Pricing keeps being the same, and kit itself will keep being accompanied by the customary 20GEC005 decal set too. Nothing else changes except for tracks. Hope you like this improvement!

Despite mobility or eventual confinement restrictions due to well known reasons, I wish you all the best Christmas day possible!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

New WSS range first sets!

I'm really excited to announce release of the first two sets belonging to our projected War of Spanish Succession 1/72 scale figure range. These two sets stand for the renowned austro-catalan Mountain Fusiliers or 'Miquelets'; and consist of a 4 musketeers set, all four showing different skirmishing poses, as well as a 3 figure command set - officer, horn blower and NCO. This latter is shown calmly smoking from his pipe, BTW.

Both sets are already available for purchase at our website, following this link.

Figures of this new range have been specifically designed for being compatible with Zvezda plastic miniatures, so being a bit larger than those of our already existing SCW range. Therefore, they should be considered as 'pure' 1/72 or 25mm, rather than 20mm.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Ship of the Line sample

I'm proud to show you pictures of a Ship of the Line sample from our 1/600 scale naval range, as masterly painted by a customer and gaming mate.

He has slightly modified the original model, just by adding two clear plastic lanterns on stern, as well as a flag staff made from a piece of wire.

As for what I know, its stand is a clear plastic rectangle textured with clear silicone.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Going for an early frigate now

Our small Age of Sail ships range keeps growing steadily; this in pictures is our upcoming release: a mid-17th century frigate, a boat design laying mid way between 16th century 'fast galleons' and 18th century proper frigates --or so it seems to me, at least. Swift and maneuverable, this is the kind of ship one would choose for naval scouting or privateering.

Model itself consists of 10 parts in total, with a hull resin and white metal rigging. Ultimate model kit is to be sold in box along with an appropriate flag sheet.

The assembled sample model you can watch in pictures has been slightly modified by adding two pieces of wire for flagstaffs - one at stern, the other on mainmast.

Friday, November 6, 2020

New 1/72 Trubia A4 Tank

I'm happy to announce release of a further 1/72 scale Spanish Civil War fighting vehicle, the Trubia A4 tank. Intended to replace the Renault FT-17 in Spanish service, its development started by 1925 and included an innovative turret design in two independent sections, each one armed with a MG. By the outbreak of civil war, three of these tanks fell into Nationalist hands, while the fourth one was held by the Republican side.

Model itself consists of 13 parts in total, 6 of which are resin while the rest are white metal. Turret sections can be glued together if desired, but you can also let them to rotate independently.

This new boxed model kit retails at €10.95 and can already be found at our website.