Sunday, October 18, 2015

Militiawomen of my own

This weekend I've finally found the time for finishing up a SCW Militiawomen small company I had planned long ago, for my own collection - little after having released them on behalf of Minairons Miniatures, honestly. Please forgive my poor skills at either painting and taking pictures:

All of the figures there are from Minairons itself, except for two (from Irregular the one, from Barcino the other). Unit has been built for company-scaled settings such as FoW or Blitzkrieg, and conceived as a small size company, consisting of only two understrength platoons, with no further subdivision into squads so as to simulate poorer command-and-control than in Regular Army platoons (see one such regular at my personal painting blog).

As for figures painting, I've used these militiawomen with the aim to test some of the colour schemas in Minairons quick guides, taking advantage of the fact that many girls are dressed in military gear, presumably taken from pre-war stocks - that would also serve for testing the look of a similarly painted Nationalist force.

Look at these three girls above, for instance. While the leftmost one has been painted as if wearing military khaki overalls, as well as belting and gorrillo cap as if from the Assault Guard, the rightmost one has been painted as if dressed in pre-war military gear using 922 USA uniform + 879 Green Brown - one of the choices listed in Minairons Painting Guide no. 2.

Or, here above, these NCO's uniforms have been given same colour as the above, except for the leftmost one's coat, painted 873 Field Drab as if from Republican stocks.

On the other hand, such is the look of the same figure if painted 823 Luftwaffe Camo Green, as if in a brand new uniform.

As for girls dressed in overalls, I've chosen not to paint all of them in a single colour, but to alternate blue, sand, earth brown and olive yellow. The selected shade of blue has been Royal Blue, perhaps too bright for some tastes - but I wished my girls to be colourful.

I have posted a number of pictures else at my own painting blog; if curious about any of those pictures, please ask. I'll be happy to answer.


PanzerKaput said...

Nothing wrong with your painting skills chap as they are very nice.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Lluis! Very nice indeed.

Soldadets said...

Thanks a lot :)