Thursday, April 18, 2019

A new WSS flags set

I'm happy to show you our latest addition to the War of Spanish Succession flags ranges, released at 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 scales together --under form of a DIN A7 sized PDF sheet, for users to download and print at will. Regardless of scale, each sheet comprises two flags preformatted for the intended scale: King's and Regiment's colours (known in Spain as Coronela and Batallona flags, respectively).

If willing to have an idea on how these flags look like, here below you can see some 15mm samples used on figures belonging to my own private collection (which comprises miniatures from most of the brands currently having a WSS range in their 15mm catalogues, such as Dixon, Essex or Roundway for instance).

And this what the other, already released flag sets, look like at the head of their respective regiments:

We're already working on more of such flag sets, belonging to both WSS sides.

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