Thursday, April 30, 2015

New 1/72 Moroccan Regulars

20GEF019 box
I'm happy to acknowledge you to have already available a new set of 20mm Spanish Civil War figures: the much feared Tropas Regulares Indígenas de Marruecos (="Moroccan Native Regular Troops"), better known in short as Regulares. Please take a look at the pictures below.
20GEF019 one
As usual, this new set has been beautifully sculpted by Xan and consists of 15 figures, all different --thirteen askari riflemen and two NCOs, one of which holding a naranjero SMG.
20GEF019 two
Also customarily, this our new Moroccan Regulars box is priced €15.95, and it will be followed shortly by a second set comprising officers, flag bearer and close support weapons.
20GEV035 set
Our Moroccan Regulars are fully available at our website right now, but some retailers have already started picking them up too.


Anonymous said...

Excellent to see them cast and to hear the command set is not far behind - you are doing things thoroughly!

I have purchased several Minairons figure sets (some multiple) and happy to report sculpting and casting is uniformly excellent. The one thing I personally would like to be improved is the size (not thickness) of the bases.

The separate heads from the Minarions range are a joy to use on plastic figures. It would be great to have some additional sets with isabellino cap, fez, and Guardia Civil headgear. Regards, Pat

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

These look splendid, nice addition to your gronwing SCW miniature range!

Soldadets said...

New head sets on the way ;)