Monday, May 6, 2013

Our first 1/56 SCW model!

Hispano Suiza MC-36
We are proud to show you the master prototype of our first Spanish Civil War model in 1:56th scale: the stylish (and somewhat pulp-ish) Hispano Suiza MC-36 armoured truck, a huge beast measuring some 13cm long at this scale! Thanks to the picture above, you can see what it looks like with its MG-armed standard turret...

...and below, its dreadful look when improved with the turret of a cannibalized T-26!
Hispano Suiza MC-36
Hispano Suiza MC-36
Hispano Suiza MC-36
The prototype will be delivered tomorrow to the resin caster, for starting the master moulds making --after some slight polishment, likely. I wouldn't look as too optimistic at forecasting, but it seems quite probable for us to be able to have the ultimate resin model available within this month --or June, probably.

Our most sincere thanks to all those who have been supporting us so far. You won't be deceived.
Hispano Suiza MC-36
(Apologies for the so obvious faulty alignment of wheels --I could only use BlueTac for a provisional assembly before sending the prototype to the mould maker!)


Flags of War said...

WOOHOO This i want want want want want :)

soldatetain said...

Very awesome looking. Can't wait to see it ready!

Anonymous said...

Added to my wishlist already !

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Splendid master and great looking vehicle ideal for pulp games!