Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Frantic Race for Salute

Just a few days after our latest 1:72nd scale release, we are now hurrying as much as we can for having another novelty in that scale, in time for Salute 2013. It is no other than the model you can see below, a long awaited one.
This is what looks like one T-26 tank from our first tooling test batch. There are still some technical flaws to solve --a couple of undesired flashes, some detailing to be sharpened, a few fittings to be improved... and a sprue proper colour, naturally! In any case, the ultimate sprue will look pretty similar to these below:
All the rest of elements of this upcoming set are ready: decals sheet, boxes... it's now just a matter of injection refining. A matter of days.

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